Learning With Us 


The adventure of learning for Christian leadership

NBC is a learning community; we help each other to become more faithful and effective servant leaders.  This involves getting to grips with theology, developing practical skills and growing a more Christlike character. 
Learning takes place in the classroom, on the job and in the relationships we form with fellow students and tutors.  Some students come to our home base at Luther King House in Manchester for two days every week in term time while some attend six intensive weekends a year.  Others do a large part of their learning with our partner college, St. Barnabas Theological Centre in Sheffield.
We provide learning for a variety of ministries: nationally ordained ministry, locally recognized ministry, pioneer ministry, youth specialist ministry and ministry as a lay pastor or lay preacher.  Once they graduate our students go on to serve in a variety of capacities in church leadership, church planting, community ministry, youth ministry and much more.
Also part of our community are Newly Accredited Ministers from our region working away at tailored learning contracts during the first three or four years after ordination.  Others join us for sabbatical study, one-off courses and other forms of Continuing Ministerial Development.
The following pages describe in more detail what’s involved in the various patterns of learning offered by NBC.  But whatever gifts and experience you bring, whatever the ministry to which God is calling you, it is our calling to work with you to help you become the best Christian leader you can be.