Our Vision and Values 


What are we all about?

(Our Vision)

Everybody has a vision statement these days. Ours tries to say what we are about in just ten words:

'Equipping leaders for a changing church and a changing world'.

What matters to us?

(Our Values)

We want to develop leaders who are faithful to God and creative in the service of God. Therefore we long for NBC to be a community where people learn to be:

  • Mission focused – engaging with the world, not hiding in the church
  • Relationally committed – collaborating with others instinctively, not going it alone
  • Theologically savvy – rooted in the biblical story, not just doing whatever seems to ‘work’
  • Servant hearted – knowing that leadership is about loving people, not building empires
  • Community oriented – seeking justice for all, not settling for anything less
  • Lifelong learners – embracing growth and development, not stuck in their ways