BA in Contextual Theology

If you have not studied theology academically before, we will normally recommend the BA in Contextual Theology. This undergraduate course covers areas such as the Bible, mission, worship, ethics and much more. 
The degree is available as both mid-week and weekend. All modules are offered mid-week, and it is possible to complete the degree in three years. Core modules are also offered at the weekend, and it is possible to reach diploma standard (HE Dip - equivalent to foundation degree) after four years, or degree standard after six years.
If you are entering ministry full-time, we would normally recommend the mid-week option, completing the degree over three years whilst being a minister-in-training. Teaching takes place two days a week during term-time in Manchester.
If you are entering bi-vocational ministry, or with other patterns, we might recommend the weekend option. This involves attending six time-tabled teaching weekends throughout the year.
For more information on the BA, visit the Luther King House website.