Baptist Leadership Programme 


What and who?

The Baptist Leadership Programme (BLP) aims to cover the ‘nuts and bolts' of Baptist ministry in a 3-year rolling programme.
It is designed primarily for ministers in training; that is, women and men on pastoral leadership, youth specialist or pioneer pathways working towards national accreditation through NBC. Those who are on a pathway towards national recognition as a pastor will also find the BLP valuable.

Broad areas explored over the programme include

  • context (how best does the church participate in God's mission where I am?)

  • competency (how effective am I in administration, communication, leadership or pastoral care?)

  • character (what kind of person am I, or becoming?)

The descriptor and syllabus give further details.


When and where?


The programme is offered in two locations on different occasions:

  • in Manchester at Luther King House – on Tuesday afternoons, during term time. (This is primarily attended by ‘mid-week’ students.) 

  •  in Moortown, Yorkshire – over 6 Saturdays a year. (This is primarily attended by ‘weekend’ students at Luther King House and those taking their academic studies through St Hild or Cranmer Hall.)

How much does it cost?

Fees are calculated on the type of pathway the student is following. Contact Clare McBeath for more information.