Support NBC 

There are a number of ways you can help support the college:

  • Through praying for us – go to the News and Events pages for information about what’s happening in the life of the college.  
  • If you have previously received the prayer diary by post but would like to receive the Newsletter electronically in the future (it would help our distribution process, and keep costs down) please send a request to


  • If you want up-to-date news and prayer requests you can also access these by following us on Twitter (@NBLC1) or by ‘liking’ our Facebook page (you can access these via the buttons at the bottom of the page).


  • Through your local church – a number of churches are ‘official’ friends and supporters of NBC. They take an interest in its life, publicise the college’s work when and where they can, and make a financial donation to the college from time to time.


  • Through serving as a Governor for NBC.